Soliflex Pack has since august 2020 as its main object of activity, the processing of cardboard and polystyrene.

Our company has its main market in Bihor County, with supply contracts for the delivery of products with several companies from different fields of activity.

Our company applies in the production process development concepts implemented in Italy , under the strict supervision of renowned technicians in the production of cardboard and polystyrene packaging, ensuring both a supervision of compliance with the technological process implemented within our company as well as a compliance with the quality conditions imposed by the partners.

Currently, the company operates in Oradea , both at the headquarters on Rampei Street no. 9, as well as at the work point located on Gheorghe Pituț Street no. 1, in a hall with an area of ​​900 square meters, equipped with professional equipment specific to the processing of cardboard and polystyrene.

In order to offer our customers a wide variety of sizes and shapes of packaging, we mention that we have state-of-the-art production linesof which for processing cardboard we list: Casemaker with 3 color groups, fully automated slotter, roller diecutter and stacker; and for the processing of polystyrene the Thermocut Pro, a state-of-the-art cutting machine.

In order to support our customers, we have high-capacity means of transport with which we ensure the operative delivery of orders.

“We live to protect your goods!”